Pre Purchase Inspections

Pre Purchase Inspections

Using infra red camera technology

The process is non invasive with the use of an infrared camera that detects, by way of reading with heat, any problem areas in a home that may require attention, maintenance or repair.

Comprehensive at reasonable cost

In exchange for a reasonable cost, the client receives a comprehensive indication of the building’s condition, investment peace of mind and the saving of possible hidden costs to a prospective property owner.

Home sellers can benefit too!

This service is also advantageous to clients who wish to sell a property and display a genuine description of a home to prospective property buyers.

Complying with Standards New Zealand 4306 - Banking Institutions for building inspections services

Arrange an Inspection

30 Years of Experience

The principal of Housescan, Garry Brown, is an internationally qualified and certified infrared operator with over 30 years’ experience in the building investigation industry.

Professional Reporting

Comprehensive inspection and reporting. The inspection includes a thorough structural examination of the home and buildings that will identify any maintenance, repair issues or defects that may require attention. The examination includes a perusal of the local council property file to ensure all necessary permits and approvals are in order. 

Non-invasive Scans

Ideal Non Invasive Process. The process is ideal for Pre Purchase Inspections, Suspected Leaky building and displays an infrared photo of surface construction shapes and temperatures behind walls, which are not obvious to the naked eye.
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